Tevo Tornado - experiment and learning curve on using supports with Simplify3D

This post documents the trials and tribulations on using of supports in the seemingly simple print of an eye wash cup.

Screen shots of Simplify3D on the infill, supports and other settings are here below:

Original model and download link here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1175978/#files

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Tevo Tornado - levelling knob

The original levelling knob may not be the easiest to reach and control during the adjustment.
There plenty models out there on Thingiverse, i have chosen the following: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2551220
Once the first one is printed and confirmed to fit the existing knob, print another 3 grouped close together to reduce nozzle travel across each unit. Depending on the slicer used, may even print them sequentially instead of concurrently.

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Tevo Tornado - filament spool holder

Spool holder printed to facilitate feeding of filament.
Once printed, will need additional bearings and hollow tube as shaft.
Bolt and nut on each end to secure with appropriate tightness.
Original model on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2047554
The one printed is modified in Solidworks.

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Tevo Tornado - first print - XYZ Calibration Cube

Completed the assembly of my Tevo Tornado!
First print to determine its condition would be the XYZ calibration cube.
Download the model link from here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1278865

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3D Printer - Verify Accuracy of Printer

Ever wondered how accurate your 3D Printer will create your model?

I wanted to cap the ends of an open tube in my bathroom, so i took the chance to find out!

Printer Model: Buccaneer by Pirate3D

Material: PLA

CAD Software: Solidworks

Also on instructables: http://www.instructables.com/id/3D-Printer-Verifying-Accuracy-of-Print/

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3D Printing - experiment with angled structures

Using the Buccaneer Pirate3D printer and printing at 340 microns on masking tape, it was found that print quality is of acceptable condition until 35 degrees. At 25 degrees, each new layer of PLA is laid too far out into empty air, resulting in a drooping effect.

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3D Printing - shelf extension

Existing setup is first modelled in Solidworks and the necessary parts for the extension are then added on by creating the additional 3D models. In this way, everything is easily visualized and created to scale, no need to keep checking up on the measurements. The size of the two support pieces are bigger than the area of the print bed, therefore it is broken down and printed in two parts, to be joined by super glue. See the video for the entire process of creation, from 3D modelling to printing.

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3D Printing - PLA Sticking Issues Resolved! (Buccaneer Pirate 3D)

I have finally received my Buccaneer Pirate 3D printer and just started playing around with it. Got off a shaky start of broken filaments and poor adhesion of the layers, but all is resolved through the easy to understand re-calibration instructions and various youtube videos from the homepage.

One other problem remains though, and that is the difficulty of removing the final product from the print bed! Sounds like a good problem to have as it usually means the model came out well, but after a few times of brute-force prying the printed model and scraping the remaining debris off the sticky print bed, it is soon apparent that this is not the way to go for long as the adhesive print bed is taking too much damage.

Surfed around the net a bit, realised that for PLA filaments, two cheap solutions exists, and this instructable is to share with you the stuffs i learnt and discovered along the way and also the experience of using the two methods:

1) Using glue stick

2) Using blue painter's tape

For detailed step-by-step process, please click below instructable link:

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Quadruped - Solidworks 3D Model + Matlab kinematics test #1


**work in progress** 

 **programming and fabrication to be done**

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Arduino/MATLAB - Interfacing with ADXL330 Accelerometer

Seeeduino MEGA 2560 with ADXL330  
http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/ADXL330 https://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Components/ADXL330_0.pdf

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DIY Electronic "Glow Stick" LED for Night Fishing!

Materials Required: 1) 3V button cell and battery holder
2) 1x micro switch
3) small piece of prototyping board
4) 1x LED
5) 1K resistor

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